finallyy, hope :]
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2010-04-05 03:54:12 (UTC)

if i don't write this down.. then.. ugh "/

okay, thoughts ::

he's going away until thursday "/ can't talk at all..
he said his friends sister (the one he dated for four years
and that he claims to hate) isn't going to be there,

of course, myspace.. tells all..

she's there with him, all week..
and i can't be there :[ i trust him, and i know he wouldn't
do anything to hurt me, but i don't ugh
i just am so afraid of getting hurt again that this is
tearing me apart,
i have no one to talk to now.
he's the one i go to about everything and he's not here.

i guess i have to rely on my trust and faith in him to get
through the week, but i'm so scared.

i don't think i'm that strong to deal with this.
i know i have to be and i know i'm definitely amazingly
incredibly in love with him, i'm so afraid that she's just
going to steal his heart again.

and that i wont be able to call him mine anymore.

he's everything to me, the love of my life, he even wants
to marry me,

how can i change how i am to get through the week?

someone, please help me :[