My Feelings
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2010-04-05 03:19:47 (UTC)


On, today I got a wopen cause i was talking to my friend
(boy). We didnt have nonthing going on but its ashame I
cant talk to no boys I am too old for that. I got common
since to only talk to a boy thats all nonthing going on, I
wish that I could text them and leave it in my phone. I
hope I can get a phone back thats my life!! If I could
only talk to boys I would never do nonthing else. I got
weps all on me dont noone feel sorry for me I was scared
and shaking. But dont no one have to care for me but I
will make my way. I am feeling down right now my mama dont
care but is ok.. I have private friends that I could talk
to about my promblems. Sometimes I want to die but I am
holding on never give up. I hope I have a good life and
live well. P.S. I be there for my mom where she at now
gone not here byez