The View From Down Here
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2010-04-05 01:45:44 (UTC)

4-4-10 Just another day

Well Easter was fun. I go to see all my cousins, and we
reminised about all the good time we had at my papa's old
ranch. We ate a big lunch and had a good time. Instead of
an easter egg hunt we had a scavenger hunt. It was a lot
of fun, and my team came in second place. My mom gave me
this ridiculously huge rabbit hold a carrot. :P I love
stuffed animals.
Me and Ethan are doing better. We hung out and had fun.
Well, a little more than just fun. ;) Haha. I'm talking to
Cameron more often now too. He's left a lot of voicemails
on my phone, so I get to hear his voice when I wake up. :)
I love that. I was doubting if he really loved me, but I'm
sure now. I found out the he loves his girlfriend Ashley,
and that really upset me because I told him about me and
Ethan and he said he wished I'd told him sooner. Now I
find this out and he didn't tell me at all. He was at
work, so I sent him a long text messages that was actually
ten compiled messages. I went to bed that night without
another word to him. I woke up to two voice messages of
him crying and swearing he loved me. He was so confused
and really upset that he was hurting me. I could hear
everything I needed to know in his voice, and I felt so
bad for making him cry. He did admit that not telling me
about her was a horrible thing to do.
So I'm all good on both sides. Don't think I'll choose
just yet. Need to spend more time with Cameron in person
before I do that.
I have a lot of thoughts i my head about the world and
what we take for granted, but I don't feel like putting
them down. Besides, I want to keep my entries a reasonable
size. :P So until next time.