Life is Complicated
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2010-04-04 05:47:07 (UTC)

dumb stuff

So my friend is dating this guy. he is a non working
attitude filled woman beater! Oh and he's not even cute,
he looks like a roach with braids. Any way the other day i
wanted to go swimming at her place and she said i had to
stop off to get the key from him at work. well when i went
there, not only was the car not there the security guard
said he hasnt heard of this person, mind you there is like
a total of a hundred people working in the entire
building. any how i went upstairs to ask the office if i
may speak with him for a moment. however 15minutes of
searching and speaking with managers as they check thier
rosters, i come to find out there is no record of him
working there! so being a good friend i go to tell my
girl, she is ferious and plans to go up there. that is
until he pulls up and she looses all nerves. so i confront
him and he cant even tell me the name of his company. i
knew more about it than he did and he supposedly been
working there for a week. well he says i bring home papers
from work and clock out slips, my girl agrees with him.
however when asked well where is your clock out slip, both
of them were stuck on stupid!!