my life
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2010-04-04 04:31:39 (UTC)


my sister is in town........ i wish she would leave already thougj!! shes such a fucking loner!!!! i had maggles and mike over along with another friend kris. kris is like suoer funn and i thiught for sure that he would get her to play with us. but no of course not!!!! why would she do that so the entire ime i felt bad making her sit on the couch while wr played. then my mom got mad at me for not including hrr!!!! but its not like i didnt try!!!! i did!!!! but when shes here no one cares bout me. its so fuckng anniying. im the social one with alt of frnds. i may be a little fat bu i still socialze and am a cool perskn!!!! shes th total opposte!!!! i jus wanted her yo meet my friends/ i told them she wouldnt play but they wanted to meet hrr too!!!! not my fault. ugh!!!! whatever. im still under 200!!!! and thas all that realky matters...right?? -love-LIZZIE

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