teanage gypsy
2010-04-02 15:08:22 (UTC)

Hi yall

Hey yall, Checking in from nowheresville U.S.A.Well, my
mom is coming right now to get me. I'm so happy too. I'll
be all updating anyways son you know. It's about two hours
from here. I'm going to have a great easter there. My
husband is not going, though...

mY daughter is watching cartoos right now. She is
watching Max and Ruby. She likes Spongebob too. Actually
she likes almost anything right now. I"m kinda of bored
right now. Just waiting for her to come. I'm all ready

Well, I should get off here. Keep readng my online journal
for more day in a life on the way. I'll be here just
getting through...

P.S. Please comment....