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2010-04-02 05:53:46 (UTC)

4/1/10 Thursday

-made peace with bb this morning. thought it would b a good
day b/c can hang out in a good mood.
-worked for an hour and v came to put oil in compressor and
made it work. dropped off ups boxes, went to bank, ate at
this Mexican place v wanted to try (not good), washed car at
diy place, came to AAA to pay registration. v said in
office that he would pay for it for me, i thought it would b
better i get it out of the way today, but when we got to the
window and found out $364, v didn't pull out $ like he
normally does. i had to ask if he had cash then he took out
only 200 something. then he said he doesn't have any checks
then said maybe have then pulled out check but they didn't
take business checks. we had to leave. even if he did take
the old registration and said he would pay tmrw, i already
felt that he wasn't very willing to pay for me. i got
pissed and remembered i had company cash in my purse and
decided "fuck it, just pay and at least i spend couple
hundred to learn a lesson". so v turned around and went in
to pay with my 400 while i was waiting in the car. when he
came back, he gave me the changes and his $200 but i threw
the money back to him b/c he was saying "at least i pay
half". that just got me even more pissed. i don't know if
he realized what he did and still asked me if i wanted to do
nails and of course i said yes and said i just wanted to go
home and bitched about him not really willing to pay for my
stuffs and how i gave up my allowance, etc. he was just
explaining that he didn't have enough with me. anyways, we
came to office to get his car, i got out and didn't even
look at him then got in and drove off. i was soooo pissed
and he didn't even call after! pissed, pissed, still pissed
-went to hillsdale nordstrom to return lip gloss. didn't
return to Macy b/c they didn't have MAC (just gonna go
southland tmrw). bought a dress there.
-came home, bb was playing poker, took a shower, not used to
staying at home on Thursday nights, but well, things
change--always a lil hard at the beginning
-was thinking going out but didn't really want to either, so
after talking to Alex (he prob go santana row), i'll just
stay at home tonite and hopefully go to sleep early.
why am i so unhappy lately!

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