teanage gypsy
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2010-04-02 01:53:59 (UTC)

My Day!!!!!

Hey yall!!! Well, right now i am watching final
destinaion 2. I haven't seen this one. But anyways my Mom
is coming to get me tomarrow. So I am going to pack in the
morning so...

Emmy knows how to roll over and now she wants to crawl
too. She hasn't just figure it out yet. But she will.

I had a good day. But it was kinda of boring though. She
is fixing to get Easter pictures done. Her and cousin
Kenadee needs to get their pictures done too. Well, I need
to finish some clothes and stuff done before tomarrow.
That way I wouldn't have to, though...

I'm not very in a taking mood right now, Well, not on
here, though. lol: I need to make some money cause i'm
broke right now. The only job I have is taking care of the
house like cleaning and cooking a little. Plus taking of
him and my little girl. Well, time to go. Keep reading my
online journal for more days in a lfe on the way. I'll be
here just getting through it.