My Diary (what else to name it??)
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2010-04-01 22:59:59 (UTC)


I like to think of my mind as a building full of rooms and
hallways that are all interconnected. In the back, there
is a huge room filled with memories, with different halls
leading to it. Some new, modern and clean, while others
are somewhat broken down, dark, and somewhat dirty.The
stuff I'm learning, or what's fresh in there is the most
clean, and the stuff I try to hide from myself are dark,
dusty and forgotten. The stuff I don't know about myself?
Well, those are locked doors. The key lies hidden
somewhere in another room, but I don't always know
where...There's a room for art, music, feelings,
relationships, books, etc. These rooms are the ones I like
to spend my time in. These are the coolest rooms because
they are comfortable and lavish, and they are stylishly
decorated. Then there are classrooms, the site of where I
keep everything I learn. Specific facts, rules, formulas,
words, math and reading get the idea. And
finally there are utility rooms. These are boring and only
hold things needed to live. They also hold physical
functions, such as how to run, walk, or even type this
diary entry. And although those are boring, I still need
them. Anyway, I suppose that was all very random but this
is an idea I have been developing for a long time. You
know, those little flukes in thought that you hold onto
and eventually make sense of.