my life
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2010-04-01 20:59:22 (UTC)


I haven't written the last few days.. i'm sorry...

I've been doing way too much thinking!
I think that i need to get over my ex.. like horribly!! Okoya
needs to get out of my head...i broke up with him so why
can't i get OVER him... i don't get it. I tried the idea of
going out with someone else to force myself to get over him
but it just didn't work... i think its because i didn't
really like the guy that i used. I feel horrible for using
him too! Now that i'm loosing weight though i have this new
self-confidence!! A guy actually checked me out yesterday..
it was FABULOUS! and he was flirting with me.. untill i told
him that i'm 16 anyways... But it was great! and i can wear
size 13 jeans!! i haven't been able to do that in like 2
years! I'm not done till i reach 9.. single digits... thats
my goal!
I also wrote a paper for FCCLA! its about child obesity and
my opinion of it. I'm soo excited!!!! the whole world can
read my thoughts and ideas!!! Its great!
Spring break has been really boring....

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