My Life
2010-04-01 13:59:48 (UTC)

Today 2

Dear Diary,

Today so far has been ok i guess LOL i stole sheleeces
diary but then i gave it back lool but i was nice enough
to not read it.
If it were hannah i would of read every single page of
writing it would probably say stuff like oh i wish i had a
boyfriend ooooo hoooooo i wish i was pretty life isnt fair
why do i have to have rat tails as hair?? loooooooooool
jokes i have read it before when she was in the shower lol
it said stuff like oh i think this really ugly boy fancies
me because he is always giving me stuff. haha she can talk
cant she lol its true you cant call someone ugly when ur
ugly urself oh well i supose i say it so what can i say?
its true!! i think i should go to an ugly home.

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