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2010-04-01 06:39:50 (UTC)

broken again . the pieces never stay put

I'M.................. DEAD INSIDE or I will be by the time
this is over .
Did you run away, 1 beautiful love turns to nothing,
everything turns to nothing but loss. I love the way you
tell me goodbye . silence is never inviting and rarely ever
. I'm unoriginal and i must bore you. are you finding a
thrill tonight? I ignore the signs because i want this soo
bad but i can be ok with nothing
I'll have to find mine .
I want to create beauty with you cause we have love but you
rather watch it turn into dust or throw it in a death trap.
I'm dumb for thinking I could be with you and you would want
to keep this going strong but in the end all i have r my
tears n trying to move along . your uninspired and I'm tired .
Love is a death trap. I only thing that is real is lust and
pain... i wish I didn't sell my heart on love sooo young, i
should ve been stronger. IM SO PATHETIC so pathetic
this is painful and i want to lie like you. maybe your not
ever coming back... maybe i shouldn't care.
almost 3am . wow you said alot tonight.

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