teanage gypsy
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2010-04-01 01:53:23 (UTC)

Hey, all ya ll..

Hey, all ya'll bloggers!! Checking in already. Got my
daughter's pictures done today They were so pretty. She
did very good in them. My mom is taking her Easter

Okay, here's a question. who likes American Idol? I watch
it all the time. I love Usher's performance. It was great.
This is like one of my favorite shows on tv.

Another question... Who loves to sing? There's a
difference. People who sings and people who's a singer.
I'm a singer. Actually mu whole family is musical.
Everyone has a talent. I take after my Mom. She sings and
plays the sax. So do I. It's my passion. My daughter is
going to be a singer too...cause she's already starting to
sing. I started when i was a little girl too.

Well, i should get off of here. Keep reading my online
journal for more days in a life on the way. I'll be here
just getting through.

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