My drama filled life as STACEY
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2010-03-31 19:42:44 (UTC)

Hottie with the body

Dear diary of DRAMA,

All I can say is WOW!!! this guy is so FINE!! I can just drool over
him haha jk he's very nice too he knows how to treat a girl. His name is
Angel n I just found out that he likes me because he told my friend
deseree who is friends with him. To tell u the truth I didn't even know he
existed until deseree told me and I saw him playing basketball wow he
looked so sexy haha. My friend deseree was telling me that he likes to
show off in front of me and that's y he was playing basketball. At first I
didn't believe her until he started to play basketball every day know for the
past 3weeks it's funny because he makes sure I'm looking at him. This
one time he called my name n when I turned around he fell I tried not to
laugh but I couldn't help it I made sure he didn't see me laughing though
so that's a good thing I hope! So for the past week we have been hanging
out wit him during lunch and it's fun he's alittle shy but that's ok cuz I'm alil
shy too. But let me tell u we talk about the weirdest stuff like about how
far we've gone in a relationship and how much money we earn from our
parents which is sorta weird cuz we talk about this stuff like if we are so
amazed lol. We also talk about this one bitch helana who so likes angel n
she says she's in "love" wit him but he told me that he totally Hates her
guts lol. That's what she gets for being a slut!!! Seriously if a guy asked
for sex she would give it to him on the spot! NO LIE!!! But I guess that's
just how she is well anyways we haven't really talked about her ever since
she told him she loves him and he said he doesn't! Wow that must really
suck. Well that's all I have for today and I'll keep u updated on what eslse
happenes between us( it'll probably be something juicy lol)

Utill then