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2010-03-31 08:18:03 (UTC)


Well its been awhile since ive wrote on here...Eric and I
are fine now.It just took a long conversation and he now
knows his boundries with me.Life is kinda stressful right
now because my moms friend just went to prison and we are
taking two of her kids and my sisters friend is lifing
with us because her home life wasnt good.And my mom just
got married so now my stepbrother who is 18 is living with
us theres 10 people living in one house and when
summer comes my cousin is coming to live with we
have two gerbils and a rabbit and later on we are getting
a dog and two cats all this in a 4 bedroom house oh ya and
we are in the process of moving to corpus christi texas
which is like 6 hours from where we are now all of this in
like the last week.But life gets better i know it cant
rain for ever.Eric will be 4hrs away but he will come down
for summer and then he is switching colleges so he can
live in corpus christi so i am happy.Hopefully i dont have
to have another surgery so i can start college in the
fall..i cant wait.but i am going to work part time and
take on baby/pet/house sitting so i rarely have to be home
because my nerves wont be able to handle the stress at
home all the time.i am also stress out because i think i
might be pregnant.yes i know it sounds bad but hey if i am
i bet alot of the girls from where im from.these gurls are
getting pregnant at 13.hell i know two girls who are
turning 15 this year and they are pregnant.and they are
happy about it.if i am, im considering adoption because i
am jus a kid my self ya il be 18 in october but i will
bearly be able to take care of my boyfriend
disagrees he said that we can do it.but i dont know.i know
that in the end its my choice.but anyways,hey im looking
for opinions and knowledge on religions and if
you would like to discuss this i am usually on facebook so
just look up [email protected] and add me.. or you
can try myspace.. but
anyways ill try to write soon.