stef's thoughts
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2010-03-31 05:17:50 (UTC)

What a day

First, had to drive all the way to work for 2 hrs worth of
training. Then went to pick up my layaway to find out
they cancelled it almost 2 wks agowithout telling me and
supposedly sent the money in a check to me instead of
crediting the card I used and the check takes at least 2
wks to go out so I'm sitting waiting for my money and
can't get the item now.
Also, while on the way to get my layaway, I get a message
from him saying 'guess who's going to Corpus Christi'.
When I responded to him, I find out that he's going got an
extended time starting April 12. What that means is that
since he'll be gone this weekend and on call the next,
then he'll be down there which is even farther away than
he is now. I had tears when he told me but didn't say
anything to him - i just said 'oh'. To which he replied
that wasn't the reaction he expected. He said he would
tell me how it came about tonight. He called around 7:45
but the phone was in the other room. I texted as soon as
i got the message but didn't hear anything back from him.
I saw him log online and said hi - he finally replied then
logged off. He didn't get back online but I saw that he
logged onto CM. So did she - twice and she didn't change
her profile yet. Finally got a text from him saying he
was sort of awake.
To top it off, I get some stupid message from some guy
saying he's been contracted to kill me by someone I've
pissed off on my contacts list.
I had so wanted to talk to him about that and the other
stuff that had gone on. Its all I can do not to cry all
evening now. I don't know what to believe anymore.
Now I know why I don't open my heart up at all and I don't
think I'm going to do it again.