teanage gypsy
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2010-03-31 03:14:54 (UTC)

A song called love me. Read please!!

V1. I stood and waited for you to call. But you did'nt
answered. I smiled at you today. But you didn't say hi.
I waitid for you to say my name. you left with no good bye.

So why i stay here when you are never there?

C. why you don't love me? why you never let me in? I wish
you would be here but you always leave in the end. i
waited for your return. why did you let me burn? I
shouldn't have to face this baby... Why, why won't you
love me?

V2.I only get dressed for you. I only be a good girl. just
for you. nothing you say wont be true. true to yourself
when i am around. something always brings me down.

SO why i stay gone when you never be home?