teanage gypsy
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2010-03-31 03:02:38 (UTC)

What a day!!

Hey,all yall bloggers! Checking in from nowheresville usa.
Where watching and listening to dogs bark and cars drive
at night. But don't get me wrong i like living here. It's

Okay, here's a question. Who likes living next door to
someone you are related by marrige where her dog won't
stay in their yard when you have a five month old baby?
Trust me it's a big dog. I have to keep her on my
shoulders when i go to over there.

Well, tomarrow a buzy day for me. Get up aroud seven in
the morning and go places. Oh, what fun? We are going to
get her five months pictures done tomarrow. Yay! I'ts
going to be great, though. Not going to be home that
night. I'ts going to be long day for me.

I'm going to my Moms Friday.Which I already said that,
though lastnight. It's going to be great anyways. I'm
going to see my nieace and nephew, my sister too. They
are going to be so thrilled to see me and me too. I hope
yall comment on this. I would apreciated very much. Time
to go So keeping reading my online journal for more days
of a life on the way. I'll be here just making it through.

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