Maggies Life.
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2010-03-31 02:04:32 (UTC)

First Entry!! 3 x 31/03/10

Hey, so this is like an online diary, yeah? I had one of these like two years ago
but i didn't have time to write in it anymore so i created this because i've found
a lot more spare time now. Anyway I'm Maggie Kennedy. And i would love it if
you were a reader of this "online diary" . That would truly make my day. This is
not going to be one of those diaries that dishes heaps of dirt, this is a diary
where i can tell you about my life. Right, now we got that sorted I hope you like
my posts (: . i will try and put one up every day successfully. Yesterday Max,
Hannah and I went to Max's house for the day. We attempted at making slushies
but failed. Our slushies ended up as ice and cordial. We all just drank the cordial
but it was really good. Then, we went up to play monopoly for around 5 hours. It
was really funny. Hannah won because she had the most money. Can you give
me feedback saying if that is how your supposed to play the game, because i
think its whoever can get the most properties. Then, Max brought american
candy up that he bought in New York. He had bubblegum, twizzlers, Large
gummy bears the size of my hand and more. After that, we all decided to play
the Wii fit. The whole time we were breaking each others scores on hula hoop. I
had the highest score, still undefeated. (: I think my score was 291 spins and
second place was hannah with 274 spins. Max came in last with 167 spins (:
I will probably write another post tonight about what happens today (: bye xxx
p.s. its the easter holidays!!!! (: