My drama filled life as STACEY
2010-03-30 22:17:35 (UTC)

Mondays suck so bad!!!

Dear diary of Drama,

As u can tell by the title of this entry it was a Monday. Mondays
are so sucky I mean it's the day after Sunday n u come back to school...
For what? To get more damn homework... Well anyways it's Monday n I
thought Preston was going to make fun of my height again but guess
what....... HE'S IN JAIL AGAIN... I mean come on r u really going to be
that dumb to get back in jail. And again no one knows y he's in jail again
so it's still a mystery. My thought don't really count in this but knowing him
it's probably because of weed!!! He really loves that shit although
suprisenly he's been trying to cut down on that stuff. I think he's actualy
going to go through wit it. So anyways of course on this Monday everyone
is worried and scared fir nicole because this is her "MAN"!!! So everyones
comforting her beacuse she's supper sad and of course she sheded a
couple of tears. It was sad to watch so I decided to tell people to give her
some space n of couse it took them some time to give her that space. But
they still did n she calmed down little by little... This was going on and off
the whole day crying then tuffening it out idk it's sorta weird. This life is
complecated!! It just goes on and on and it never stops. There will never
be a day when there is no drama... That will be the day!!! BUT THATS MY
Utill later on............