My Diary (what else to name it??)
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2010-03-30 22:10:45 (UTC)

Best Summer Ever

Ok, so in a previous entry I described Lake Geneva in
Switzerland. Well...Everything else was just
unbelieveable. London was so incredible, I got dizzy when
I stood on the street thinking about the dense history of
that city, and that I may have even been standing on a
spot where someone very famous or important had once
stood...It was like a dream. A fantastic, vivid, and
ecstatic dream. Then I went to Paris and everything kept
getting better. I went to the Lourve and got the same
feeling of vertigo when I got caught in the mosh pit type
frenzy going on in front of the Mona Lisa. Stop and stare
moment of my life right there. Seeing the most famous
painting in the world right before my eyes, in the flesh.
(so to speak) The most beautiful scenery in Switzerland:
really a sight for my sore eyes. And the darkness and
seriousness of Austria. The bouncy yet somber tone of depressing when we stopped at Dachau.
That combined with attending a concert of my favorite band
(if you didn't get it before, it's AEROSMITH) made this
last summer the best EVER. Despite watching Steven Tyler
fall from the stage. Yeah, THAT concert. That sucked. But
it was better than not getting to see them at all.

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