My Diary (what else to name it??)
2010-03-30 21:58:47 (UTC)

Spring Break

I'm on spring break right now and I'm so glad I don't have
to go to school. I don't have to do any homework and I
don't have to be inside a classroom reading or listening
to a teacher talk about something I most likely don't care
about. Anyways, it's been pretty boring so far. A girl in
my history class went to Cancun. I wish I could go
somewhere on vacation. Instead I got to rake leaves and
take the dog to the vet. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I
have it really good. Plus I already went on vacation last
summer. It was really the best two weeks of my life. The
was most of the reason last summer was the best of my
life. So far. I even got to be on my own somewhat. I sort
of had to fend for myself because I didn't know even one
person on my trip, and knowing the previous information,
my parents weren't there. Instead, the were on the other
side of the ocean, on another whole continent. Not a day
goes by that I don't think about England, France,
Switzerland, Austria, Italy or Germany. My favorite was
London, followed closely my Montreaux in Switzerland. I
sigh now just thinking about the beach next to the most
beautiful lake I've ever laid eyes on with swans swimming
along the beach and palm trees swaying gently in the warm
summer breeze...yes, PALM TREES in Switzerland. I'll save
the rest of that summer for another entry. :)

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