stef's thoughts
2010-03-30 04:45:06 (UTC)


Well, she changed her profile stating that he was her
master. So, this morning when he messaged me (without me
saying a word to him), i asked him about it. Seems she is
wanting more from him that he wants to give her. She seems
to be 'threatened' (for lack of a better word) by me. I'm
not exactly sure what to think of all that. I do see that
she hasn't changed her profile though - it still has the
same line it had last night. When I read it last night, i
felt like i had been sucker-punched. I was at a complete
loss as to what to think. He says that she wanted to know
why i didn't message her about it, intead i asked him. It
made absolutely no sense for me to message her - that would
be rude to him i think. i should be able to go to him and
get an honest answer - especially if i'm looking to build
any kind of relationship with him.
I know its a long, long way off, but i would so like to
start working on more of a relationship with him. When he
sent me his rules, i so would love for those to be the
rules for answer to him, to be his. i haven't
thought that about anyone in a very, very, very long time.
I've actually grown to where I'm not really even interested
in talking to others - especially ones that are looking to
try and start a relationship with me.