teanage gypsy
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2010-03-30 04:01:53 (UTC)

Kinda of a bad day!!!

Hey yall, what happened today was my little girl really
wanted her daddy because even though she's only five
months old doesn't mean she don't know when her daddy gets

When he go got home, she wanted him and she was quiet.
it was very cute. She used not be that way. She always
wanted me but now she wants her daddy.

Tonight is a good night. For right now. I might be up all
night cause she is sleeping but i'll hope she's stays
asleep all night. She hasn't done that in awhile. I'll be
happy when she goes to sleep all night.

My Mom is coming to pick me up Friday. But were going to
take my little girl's pictures probally Wednesday. She is
going to be so cute in her outfit. Don't know what to get
out yet, though...Well, i should get off here now. Keep
reading my online journal for more days with the life on
th way. I'll be here just going through it.