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2010-03-29 08:54:02 (UTC)

3/27 Saturday

-after a crazy night, got up around noon to pick yung up b/c
we r meeting Sofia in hayward
-drove to automall pkway to meet with them and it was
actually very close to the condos i looked for him. so we
all went to take a look. Sofia's input was different from
what yung told me that he wanted. i was a lil pissed b/c i
was looking at something wrong and wasting my time. but i
don't even think yung knows what he really wants and how
much he can afford
-went to look at the warehouse Shawn emailed us. he really
liked it (but the next day he changed his mind again).
-head back to redwood city to check in. it wasn't time to
take a nap. i was tired too.
-came to SF for dinner with Jon and his wife. we wined and
dined at this upscale Greek restaurant.
-yung already told me earlier he didn't feel like going out
again and rather go to sleep and play golf the next day.
but over dinner, he made me think he wanted to party more.
so that i told V to come this way. but after dinner he
wanted just to have a drink then go hotel and i was a lil
mad--i don't do A drink and go home, it's either party all
night or not at all. so that we came back. on the way, he
was a lil drunk (or pretending). dropped him off, came home
(V was waiting), took a shower, parked car across street,
went to his house
-we ate salmon and ice cream, had sex twice (or didn't come
the 2nd time), he took me back around 2am