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2010-03-29 07:08:42 (UTC)

3/28 Sunday

-woke up by yung's bbm but of course i couldn't get up by
7am to play golf with him
-went back to sleep and kept checking his bbm. he went to
gym. finally got up before 12pm
-picked him up. went to flower lounge for dim sum. talked
about condos and he still likes to live in millbrae area.
so that went to check out the condos again. too bad there
was only 1 last one left and the floor plan is not good.
-went to office to get 1 luggage of menu books. rushed to
oakland airport--was on time.
-i already planned to go see V after since it's kind on the
way. so met up with him at the downstairs Mexican. even if
i had dim sum but still wanted the seafood thing. ate a plate.
-he suggested we go driving ranch, so we went. i was
surprised i was doing ok since i haven't played for so long.
but it was his first time, and he was just hitting the ball
and not playing golf. i tried to teach him but well, it's
the first time. oh, he broke my Callaway driver--maybe b/c
Yung bought cheap one from China?
-left around 6pm, rushed home for dinner at mom's with his
uncle and auntie. his sister cooked steaks, i even help
with mashing the potato--my arms were sore from hitting the
-we helped cleaning after dinner and then came home b/c bb
is going to work
-had a talk before he left. he said i should leave and find
a better man b/c he can't afford me anymore. i've been
thinking after the talk and i'm so confused about what i
should do???

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