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2010-03-29 06:39:12 (UTC)

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i wonder if something went on with robin? if i hadn't busted
up into the room, i bet i would have seen it with my own
eyes.. i think him and tabitha messed around... why else
would they have been in my bedroom with the door closed??
god, i look back now and i can't believe how stupid i
was..then lisa's cousin... she had the nerve to come to my
house... what a stalker...then the texting hoe crystal or
christine that he use to go out with and ran into at the gas
station... the "what if things were different" and the "it
could be so good now", who knows how many that i don't know
about... then he left to work in maryland and god only knows
the trash hoes he messed with there. he came back with a std
and tried to play it off as cancer... i saw the paper
work... then there was Lacey the valero hoe...the one he
stayed with at dover downs...he messed with her for
awhile...then the pizza store hoes the sisters and a black
chic....then MANDY, and Her MOM, and some skank in smyrna,
Mandy was my favorite cause i pegged that one before it even
started...and because i walked in on so many moments and got
lied to so much... I love it!! lets see what am i guilty of:
DAN, before i was in a relationship... i went to the beach
with dan, and yup we messed around, and i loved every minute
of it, i will have to say he always had a way with me...
then when we still lived on bay road, after the maryland
shit, the text hoe, and lacey, i had a one nighter with
ed...yup another one that knew what to do.. thats it...
thats it....oh i forgot rich sent me a few emails telling me
he missed me. while lex was shacking up with mandy while i
was staying with my mom....there was Rick..the kissing and
flirting and the sucking yup I sucked his little little
wanky the whole 1 1/2 inches... and i only did it one
time...thats all it took for me.. i have some standards... i
need at least 3 inches....and Dan again...i figured while
lex was fucking mandy and spending time doing his thang he
wouldn't mind me messing with dan...

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