The Girl In The Corner
2010-03-29 02:53:24 (UTC)


wow i havent been on her forever i have decided that for
the people who have read my diary entries i should update
on my life

so here we go

first of all i think i am falling for my friendish person
connor and that kinda scares me because he has dated one
of my friends and he has been flirting/hanging out with my
other friend. and they both like eachother but they dont
want to date cause they dont want to ruin their friendship

now a background on this section is that me and connor
hung out a lot when we were younger and i used to have a
huge crush on him and then it went away. but now it is
back full force, a lot stronger, more intense, and maybe
more maturly. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!

ok sencondly my friend kay-kay (whose mom i mentioned
doesnt like me) has decided to listen to her mom and stop
hanging out with me all together it really sucks

3rd i have joined my school speech team which is running
really smoothly

4th i have tendonitus in my wrist which makes it really
hard to type but i do anyways cause i love the computer!!

and 5th is something that i have to let out and this is
the only way!! a couple of years ago i started cutting
and i finally got ahold of myself and stopped but now i am
even more depressed then i was back then and my anti-
deppressants arent working like they are suppose to so i
ended my one year streak of not cutting a couple of weeks
ago it really sucks but i just cant help it

that is all i have for now please ask me any
questions or give me some advice it would be very helpful