my life
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2010-03-29 01:40:28 (UTC)

day 8

sundays are so great!! I go to my aunts on sundays and i positively loved it tofay bcuz of my amazing baby cousin!! shes amazing! So anyways yesterday i spent the day with mike it was so fun!! like epicly amazing!! he came over to where i was babysitting and we played with the little boy. tickle fights rock!!!! The little dude loved it. but then we went swimming once i was off. then we went to his house to get in the hottub!!!! so fun. then i went home cuz he was going out with some friends and iew they were gonna get high so i didnt wanna go. oh well. so i was really tired and like passed out befre 10. then i woke up hung out with my mmom and wrnt to my aunts. which brings u up to speed on my life. well love u readers. -lizzie

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