An Everyday Diary
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2010-03-29 01:00:16 (UTC)

Lizies Diary #3

Hello again dear diary.
I'm so bored.It's almost 4 am here.I don't know what to
do!!I tried to play Sims 2 but while I was playing, the
game's window quit by itself..and then I played with my
new Nintendo DS,but the game I have is so boring and I
don't have any other games.
I can tell you that I can't wait for it to be
afternoon.Because today I'm gonna go to a hairstyler and
change my hair lol,then I will go to Electronic Store to
buy some games for my Nintendo DS..and then maybe I will
go out with my bike.
Anyways I can't stop watching my kittens!!
Well yeah I have 5 kittens and 1 adult cat.(and one
bunny,im just talking bout the cats lmao)
I can greet you my pets ,but I'm like so bored.
Anyways again, I'm still waiting for the girl from the
chain letters to kill me.
Bye dear diary.


Written on Monday,29 March,2010, 4:00 am