An Everyday Diary
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2010-03-28 21:18:01 (UTC)

Lizies Dairy #2

Hello dear diary.
Today was great.
I went on my friend's house.We played football,we played
UNO,we watched a Mr.Bean movie..and then when I had to go
I gave him a kiss (on the cheeck) and he was like :$ haha
I like that boy.So much [=
Dear diary I must tell you that my life wasn't that good
as it is now.And's not that good now.I have family
problems,problems with friends and problems at school.
But I don't care.I don't really care bout everything.
I'm just happy because I'm not going to school for the
next 14 days.Why?Cuz it's spring break.I love breaks hahah.
I want the summer breakk soo bad!!It leasts for two months
and half..and I can go to pool.I want to go to sea right
now ,hahah XD.Yeah I know I'm crazy.But I love

Bye dear diary.


Written on Monday,29 March,2010, 12:20 am