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2010-03-28 07:50:50 (UTC)

Anthony Paul Mathis

I loved you, more than words can say. I still do, and i
think you know that as well as i do. I need you, I feel
empty witout in some part of my life. It's ridiculous how
much I find myself thinking or talking about you. I think I
might be in love with you. Maybe it will be over soon
enough, maybe not. I miss you after not talking to you after
two or three days. The things i felt for you, were
indescribable, it brings me pain to think of how things used
to be. I miss the veins in your arms, the mole on your neck,
your smooth back, and most importantly, I miss your hands
and arms. I miss being in them, I felt like I belonged
there, needed to be there. But then i was ripped from them
and I didnt know what to do or how to handle it. I dont know
how long this stupid 'love' thing will last but, i know that
I will always feel some kind of feeling for you. You were my
first love anthony, really. I love you.