Paradoxical Fortunes
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2010-03-28 03:56:13 (UTC)

My Forming Eating Disorder

Dear Sam,

I always tell people (and by that I mean I tell my closest friends whom I trust
more than life itself) that I'm partially anorexic. I think that's a lie. I think I'm
anorexic, but that I haven't fully realized it yet. But then I do things like read
books (or in the case of this website, diaries) about girls who are full-blown
anorexics, and I just think "Wow, they're crazy."

I guess there are different levels of anorexia. I'm just very psychological, and I
think about how I'm being stupid even as I do it.

You tell me, Sam. Do I need to change?

Height: 5'3 1/2"
Weight: 122 lbs
Waist: 28"
Bust: 34 C

Am I good enough for you?

Dammit. Why is everything FOR YOU?! I'm crazy, I just know it. I'm that one crazy
chick in your life who can't help herself, she's just psycho.

I'll know when you come back. Four months. How can four months feel like such
a long time, after five years?