Heaven after Hell house.

The rise and fall of Lexxy
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2010-03-28 02:15:49 (UTC)

march 27, 2010

so...chris my wonderful ex fuck buddy an now ex boy friend
came out here..and now he broke up ith me because hes home
sick...we r still great friends and i still love him with
all my heart but it will be hard when he leaves on the
4th..i have one more week with him. and im trying to spend
every moment with him that i can, and he sys he loves me,
but in a friend way..but still he does have love for me
and that knowlge will keep my head and heart inline till i
can heal all the way. he wants me to keep the golden
diomond heart necklace he gave me when he 1st came
down...he says its so i no that i always have his heart in
a way...i havent tooken it off since he gave it to me and
i dout i will for a long time. he even spreyed the tebby
bear he gave me with the playboy calon he weres so that i
can feel like hes still near when i smell it. yes im still
way too attached to him. he will always be the one who got
away..but the strange thing is that he and i are closer
now then we have ever been, and i see that as a blessing
now. pease God give me streangth threw all of this... i
supose thats all i am capable of typing now..im crying too
much. good by. il write in you soon.