How my Life Sucks
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2010-03-28 02:02:38 (UTC)

worst day ever

i figured out somethin a few days ago and by that i
mean yesterday, im in love wit justin. im completely in
love with him, how do i know this u may ask this is how i
know, have u ever gotten that feeling in the bottom of
your stomach when u see that special person that makes you
smile every time you see him or her, well thats how i feel
about him, all i think about is him, what is he doing, is
he thinking about me, is he plannin on visiting me, does
he wanna see me, how was his day, all of those questions
pop up in my mind.

Anyways he usually plays soccer with his best friend
kyle by my house and i always pass by there to see if he's
there but he wasn't. i was freezing my ass off there
waiting foor him to come. It turns out he was playing
soccer somewere else with kyle.

Back to the topic not only was it the worst day ever
because i dind't see him today, but because non of my
friends wanted to hang out today, my friend tina and her
sister rosy were redecorating their room, so i hung out
with my best friends boyfriend drake but as soon as my bff
elissa came outside he just left with her and i was alone,
ugh, whatever now all im doing is watchin mmy favorite
movie terminator 2 judgement day, u see im not the kind of
girl who likes girly stuff like diaries, the only reason
im doing this online diary crap is because i just needed
to ind a way 2 get out my feelings some how.

Ok i know ur gonna think that im obseeses because all
im talkin about is him, but i think that justin might like
me like 25%. the other day he was playing soccer by my
house and i didn't even notice that he was there, and when
i did notice i went over and said hi, so he got out of the
parkin lot( him and his friends alway play in the parkin
lot by my house)and huged me, then he said "come ur gonna
be the goaly with me" so i went with him, and his friend
kyle started ,kickin soccer balls at us, so i tried to
cover myself and wen i did this he was huggin me!!!!!!
then i looked up at him and he was lookin at me, but then
a soccer ball hit justin's leg and then he was about 2
fall and he touched my ass, and then he just kept his
hands there while we were makin eye contact, so then i
said " y u touchin my ass?" and then he took his hand off
and put them around my waist and said " sry i fell" but i
wasnt really payin attention of wat he was sayin and then
kyle yelled "BULLSHIT!!!" and that is why i think he might
actually like me. also because he's always tickeling me,
wen he stops tickelin me we always end up in like a couple
possition, but idk. i dnt think he likes me that much, or
if not he would've made a move, he makes his move fast.
well thats the end 4 today.

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