My Diary (what else to name it??)
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2010-03-28 01:19:47 (UTC)

Love is a loaded word

Ugh, the agony of being yet another teenage girl pining
after a boy that she probably won't have, unless she's
starring in a movie. In which case it isn't real anyway.
This is so cliche but I can't even help it...I think about
him almost all the time. And how awkward is this? His mom
is my Biology teacher. She's an amazing teacher, and she's
so nice. And her son is the nicest person I've ever met.
Let's call him....Marco. (Keep in mind that I'm changing
the names in case anyone I know is reading this. Haha,
paranoid old me.) What do I like best about "Marco"? Could
it be his smile? The way his eyes crinkle on the edges
when he does, or how his face lights up and the whole room
is brighter? Or how about how I can talk to him about
stuff and he actually listens to me? I don't have anyone
that does that for me, besides him. Or maybe it's because
he's really smart and kind of sarcastic wrapped in a
little bit of nerdiness that I find irresistable? And his
hair is such an intresting shade of blonde. It's a golden
wheat field that has a little bit of shining sun caught
inside. When I talk to him I get butterflies, and I can't
help but smile. When he leaves it's like a rock dropping
into my stomach because I don't know when I'll see him
again...I get the feeling that my eyes get droopy when
he's around, and I feel like such a freak because he only
likes me as a friend. I know this. And yet I keep digging
this hole, and when it gets dark I won't be able to claw
my way out without the sun.