Whataya Want From Me?
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2010-03-27 23:22:27 (UTC)

Whacking Each Other with Sticks

Haha was good and bad at the same time. And
yes, it's only seven o' clock.

John got a cell yesterday, and I find out, (after he had
to be bored for eight and a half-hours ='( ) that he has
unlimited texting. *squee!* No more waiting for him to
check his email... -.- But yeah...I get to talk to him ALL
the time now...

I've been home with my brother all day, so naturally that
means talking to my friends and bugging my best friend.
We've been disscussing her coming over all day and started
asking her mom like at ten in the morning... We've been
planning for her to teach me more fencing and all... and
now I'm told that her mom is "waiting for a call." That's
Dani-speak for, "yeah, she's waiting for a call, that
she'll actually get at MIDNIGHT." So I probably won't be
able to see her today...

My thing is, why can't Dani's mom get a text from this
person that he's calling? Or can't they set up a real
time, if it's that hard? And god forbid she miss the call
and have to call back as soon as she walks back in her
house... -.- Just 'cause of a phone call I don't get to
whack my best friend with a stick...

Oh, and Tyler's started freaking out over his science
project. ^^ So happy... I never thought it should've been
just me freaking out over that kind of stuff.

Well, I guess that's it. =) I'll probably be able to say
tomorrow if we actually got to whack each other with
sticks or not...