Tara :) x

Dear Diary :) x
2010-03-27 21:33:54 (UTC)

28th March 2010- What a bloody day!

Well, where do I start?

Harry asked me out, but I said no. So then Shannon dumped my
friend Declan for Harry, and I feel really tight on Declan
because If id have said yes, hed still be with Shannon, and
Im getting really jealous of Harry and Shannon :/

Also, Macauley hates me but I dont know why? If anybody
should be hating it should be me. He kept me waiting three
weeks just to be rejected, and then he said hed still be
there for me. So he goes off with other girls and ignores me,
listens to my conversations with my friends, forgot about me
for ages, and now he is really lairy towards me?! Its so
infuriating! :@

Its pathetic, how hes such a dick, but I love him :(

Arg... Boys (n)

Anyways, Im off to bed, gonna get some beauty sleep :)


Tara (21:32PM)