Out of Control
2010-03-27 21:09:52 (UTC)

& this is how it goes 3

So ,
my name is amanda . im 14 and im completely crazy,
and ass much as i wish i could control everything
happening , i cant .
My dad is an ass , he left after cheating on my
mom after being married for a long time .
Like , he said my mom was not pretty anymore
so he cheated. with my brothers friends mom. with my
moms [one of] best friend. He now lives at florida
beach, how stereotypical right ?
im definently not a stereo type. I can be skanky or sweet .
vulnerable or a bitch but whats weird about my is my
obsessions . I have a new obsession like all the time .
Shows , books , movies . even excersicing , and sometimes
its cool cause it makes me commit , its also sucky because
i get the same thing with guys .
My one borther , is an anger management freak .
he smokes and just wants to fit in .
my other brother who should be at college stopped caring ,
and he smokes too , but the other brother who smokes too
has more of control about that .
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& MY FRIENDS SUCK ,
apparently since the shit with my dad , im the (the same)
im not like , bitchy and im not fun .
so there bitches to me now and like im not friends with
them , i have holli thou but i think i annoy her
sometimes , like i latched onto her and now i wont leace
her aloneeeeeeeeeeeee . Im tired of this , i want better
friends , i dont get why life is soooo dang harddd !
hahahah .
welllllllllllllllllllll, talk to you soon 3