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2010-03-27 15:10:59 (UTC)

my man :)

right every girl worrys about what they look like dont
they but why should they.

every girl has something special about them and boys dont
care, every girl knows what they want and too be honest i
dont care because soon enough i will find someone to like
me for me.

PERFECT !!!!!!!

thats just for fairy tales you cant find that :S
if it was me i want someone with faults because then when
i argue with them they go in huffs and they dont just
apoligize they make you apoligize. FAULTS is the best
thing in a guy.

LOOKS !!!!!!

i dont want someone who is gorgeous because if i did then
every girl would want him and i dont want that i want
someone who wont be tempted to cheat on me with other
girls i want someone who some girls thinks "em ok ew"
because i wont think that will i, i will love him for
everything all his looks dont bother me.


i want someone who cares about me and not themself dont
care if im ugly and that, because all they care about is
my feelings and making sure that i dont get hurt.


my opinon is different from other girls but oh well :)

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