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2010-03-27 14:57:52 (UTC)


sometime's when i go to bed i close my eye's and think
about you.
i think about that song we used to always play and i can
tell you it meant alot to me.
then i get my ipod and put my earphones in and turn it up
full blast and think of you. because you mean alot to me
and i hate missing you i hate it so much.

what if things were different?
what if we changed things?
what if i changed?

i ask thouse questions to myself everynight but then i
realise that i have you as a friend and maybe that's all
but it's not worth loosing a really good friendship and if
we went out and broke up it would be hard because we
wouldnt know what to say and then leave on a bad note.

it's just i do love you and wish maybe i could tell you
but i can't so i will listen to our song and cry because
that's all i can do :|(u).

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