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2010-03-27 14:49:35 (UTC)

herooo :|?

see when we broke up up it was really hard for me i mean i
really liked you for so long and then you said ou felt the
same way but did you?
did you go with me because you felt like you had to?
anyway the point is i did act immature when you dumped me
but can't you understand why i did :S.
you really hurt my feelings they way you ended it, it was
mean and hurtful doing it by text and saying "it's over
still friends" i can't beleive you had the right to say
that to me. then you tell all your friends i begged for
you back?
i'm NOT that DESPRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha but you do make me laugh the way you go around saying
me and you are best friends now haha you even told someone
that you still liked me, funny guy but not anymore because
we may be close but never again your a JERK and i think
you dont even realise but your like all the rest of the
boys you may go with a girl for 3 months but you end it
and then go with someone else what 2 days later what a

ohhh and btw when you ended it i may have acted like a
child but now i think about it i laugh because you were
the child :D