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2010-03-27 07:27:17 (UTC)

The journey of my learning

I have learned English for almost 20 years, since the very
first day I entered junior school. At that time, the
learning condition wasa beyond imagination. No
tape recorder, no walkman, no English channel, no qualified
English teachers in my hometown. I did not remember clearly
why I was infatuated with English. Back when I was a middle
school student, my favorite subject was Chinese, I was
proud of my compositions, which were often read to the
whole class as "model essays" It is a pity that I didn't
turn out to be a famous writer,a my talent at writing was
submerged before it surfaced.
When I told my students that my first English teacher was a
man who has acted as an interpreter for the Japanese army
when they invaded China, they burst out laughing, they did
not take what I said seriously, but actually I was telling
the truth! His major is Japanese. It is my senior high
school teacher who encouraged to take up English as my
major.(You know, at that time,it was a hard decision to
make, I was dreaming of being a writer and winning Nobel
Literature Prize for China!) To tell the truth, I am
personally grateful for him, he has been so generous to me
as to offer to share his apartment with me to save me much
inconvenience. Moreover, he let me choose my own way of
learning, which was very rare at that time. And the sad
fact is that I often cut him short and made him embarrassed
by asking him tricky or silly with which he
was always tolerant. Since my primary school day, I had
developed the habit of airing my views whenever it occurred
to me.
I entered a just so-so college majoring English, two years
of learning English offered a good beginning. As time went
by, my memory of college years blurred, but some scenes do
stand out, I was nicknamed by my head teacher as" living
dictionary", whenever I went , I carried a pocket-sized
dictionary with me. I spent most of evenings in school
library reading China Daily, Beijing Review, copying those
unfamiliar words on a piece of paper and later consulted
them in dictionary. When my roommates were playing cards or
courting girls, I buried myselfain English or Chinese
periodicals.(so you see, my college life was dull rather
than colorful!) My speaking skill didn't develop as my
reading skills. I still remembered the first time I was
asked to read a short passage to the whole class, I was so
nervous! Shame, once properly handled, can sometimes turn
out to be a disguised blessing, I decided to improve my
pronunciation and intonation, which was the hard part of
the battle, I bought many tapes, to VOA, BBC every
evening and read New Concept English in the morning. My
efforts, at last, paid off more or less.