Whataya Want From Me?
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2010-03-27 02:56:16 (UTC)


Well...I just signed up so I think I mightaswell write
something. At least on the first day. =)

Today's the first day of Spring Break for my school
district, which is AWESOME. What's only gonna suck is I
can't see John for a week...but oh well. That's sad, I can
say that about my own boyfriend. Dani's gonna come over
tomorrow, and we're gonna fence a bit and probably start
packing. I'm so grateful she's decided to help us...

Oh, haha, can you believe Dushel did something nice today?
At least to me anyway...she loved my story. =) so did
everyone else...which makes me feel a lot better about
deciding to want to go to Carver.

Well, anyway, I guess I picked a bad day to sign up, cause
I'm outta stuff to say. I guess I
ll come back tomorrow or something - reprt the number of
fencing matches I win. =)