baby shaq

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2010-03-26 15:47:17 (UTC)


Yesterday i met with some of my friends at velocity
training. I met them there they were training for
volleyball. The first time they talked to me because
Claudia was wearing purple and so was i. Then they started
to call me big mike.

They said it was cool that i match. I told them that i
always match but they did not believe me. I really like
Julia the one who first called me big mike. But i just
dont know how to tell her. Bonnie said she was going to
tell me something i hope she tells me that jule likes me.

Everytime that we leave Jule says she loves me.I just hope
she really means it. I really like her i just want to know
how to tell her. It has been very cool to hang out with
them. I hope they feel the same way about me cause they
both seem like they do.

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