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2010-03-26 01:23:43 (UTC)

The not so simple life of Me

This is my first post on this website, if your reading
this than you have somehow found a way around my password.
I'm sure that it's possible so just a heads up that all
the names used in this will be fake.

About me? Well, i am just writing this to myself but i
guess a bit of extra creative writing won't hurt anybody.
Even though i'm really supposed to be doing my homework,
oh well, i'll do that later. Me, i'm afraid of everything.
I'm afraid of what this world is coming to, what i'm
coming to and where i'll be in a few years from now. I am
afraid of falling in love, i'm a horrible girlfriend, i
have a phobia of storms, and extremely loud noises. I
flinch at fast movements and i am dealing with minor
depression. Minor. Though i fear it's getting worse,
that's the whole reason of getting on this thing. Also, to
top it all off everybody thinks i'm normal. Happy. They
are utterly blind. I have my up days and my down days, but
most days are down. So if your reading this, again, i'm
probably talking to myself, you'll have to prepare for
major bypolar-ness.

Shit, now i'm just rambling. Well, my mom is telling me to
do my homework but i'll most likely be back to write in
this right after, yeah.. I'm a nerd. No hating. God i
don't want to do my homework. Ugh, now i'm stalling..
You'll find in this journal that i do that quite often.
I'm like the Queen of stalling. For reals.

Well, i'll try to keep this journal up and write every
day.. though it most likely won't happen. Stick around
maybe then we'll see.

So my only message to you is;

Fear kills everything, your mind and your soul.
Live life to it's fullest.
Dance in thunderstorms, swim in snow, and whoop for joy at
random times.

Haha no shit, i wish i could follow my own advice. Plus i
stole that quote from some other webbie user.

Dammit, epic fail
peace my fellow lifeless friends.

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