Hot Mess xoxo
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2010-03-26 01:09:41 (UTC)

March 25

Dear Diary,
Today was an average day. Just go to school come home. But
it was parent teacher interviews and Kevin went to go meet
my teachers. That went okay, i am doing good in most of my
classes but yea w.e., So me and Sam are kinda on a little i
dunno just like a break i don't really wanna date i just
wanna be me. I just wanna have fun with my friends i don't
want to have to worry about a guy. I am not saying that i
wouldn't say yes to Sam if he asked me out ;) but yeah. Oh
yes, after school today i saw Chris he was with my brother
and i had to go ask my brother for bus tickets and it was
kinda awkward. But yea so after i saw them smoking and i
started yelling at then and Chris turned at me and he said
something but i can't remember what it was, well i wasn't
really expecting him to talk i couldn't really believe it. I
was amazed. I still haven't found anything out yet. But i
did get some way to do my community service hours i am going
to be coaching little soccer league, i can't wait i am coach
and Kenika is my assistant. I am so excited. It will be so
much fun. I get a jersey which says COACH on it. That is a
good way to spend my time. Last night i had a dream about
Nicholas i really miss him. I don't go a day without
thinking about him! 3 I love him. I really wish i had his
e-mail so i could just tell him how much i miss him and love
him. He is the best, cutest, funniest little boy i know! :)
Yea well that's really what happened today.