My drama filled life as STACEY
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2010-03-26 00:50:18 (UTC)

2 Months later

Dear diary of DRAMA,

Sooooooooo where was I..... O yea ok so it's been
2months since Sequan has been in jail n guess what his brother Prestan
is BACKKK from jail... I know what ur thinking what the hell is wrong with
this family lol well he just came back and no one knows y he was in jail
well anyways he's back and his girl friend is my friend Nicole who doesn't
even know if they were still going out which they r n he never told her y he
went to jail either so there still going out n he dicides to make fun of my
height just because he's 6'9 that's very tall compared to a girl who's 5'0.
So anyways he just loves to push my buttons so I decided to try to trip
him because I thought it was going to be funny. Well aperently he was
thinking of the samething so I stoke my foot out to trip him and he just
stood there with his foot out 2. Everyone thought we were trying to make
fun of people with broken feet( we weren't ). So people started to laugh it
was so embarissing so know I'm trying to stay away from prestan so we
don't get any dumb nicknames. Seriously that's like the thing at Granada
can get a nickname for anything! It pretty annoying... Even though
sometimes I take apart of it. Well anyways I've Been avoiding him
hopefully he doesn't think I'm mad at him lol. It would probably be funny
though hahaha I wonder lol. No, he prabably won't notice anyways so it
probably won't matter. O wait he will notice because he always makes
fun of me and only me CRAP!! We'll see what happened when i see him.

Stacey Palomera 3