Nick's Journal
2010-03-26 00:34:49 (UTC)

Buying a House

it is very rare that i feel contemplative anymore. and when
i do feel contemplative, i rarely have the time to write.
and when i do have time to write, there is this gtrigger in
my brain that just!

aside from working 60 hours a week i am also in the hunt for
a house. juliann and i have now made two offers and, as of
today, two of them have fallen through.

the first one was actually really quick. we toured a house.
loved it. got the pre-inspection (bank-owned that's why it
had to be done before the offer was placed) and placed an
offer all within 2 days. in a way, it was kind of nice
having it go so fast. the best piece of advice i got was
from the attorney i work with in my contract position who
said, "just don't act like an attorney when you buy your
house, it will drive you nuts!"

so that first contact is skimmed (they're all so boiler
plate now anyways) and we made the offer. but there were 5
other offers and i guess one of the others was more
enticing. it was a huge bummer. we really loved that
house, it was next to an off-leash dog park, really nice and
quaint and affordable.

buying a house is the biggest decision most people will ever
make. it is just the most mentally taxing endeavor in the
world! so not to be diswayed we continued our search. and
we found another house. it was great as well. we fell in
love and we made an offer. sure it was built in the 40s and
it didn't look great, but what a deal!

then our inspector (who is amazing) let us in on the first
signs of trouble. being the thorough gentleman that he is
he advised us to get a structural engineer to look at it (i
know...uh oh) as there were cracks in the foundation.

so today, in the rain and in between two client meetings i
went out to meet our structural engineer. what a hell of a
guy. he reminded me of all my engineer friends at tech. a
soft-spoken guy who was eager to please. extremely thorough
and scientific, something that i love about engineers in
general. but he wanted to frame everything in a positive

meanwhile, the seller was being a little bitch. they had
seciton 8 tenants in the hosue and each time we had come the
tenants would not leave. thankfully both our inspector and
engineer didn't give a fuck. there must have been about 8
people living in that god damn house. they were real
assholes too, one guy wouldn't even get out of his bed as
our inspector came in to do some measurements. so he moved
the bed with the guy in it (once again a hell of a guy).

so finally the seller's agent's fiance (you read that right)
came by as i was there with our SE and agent to remove a
wodden plank they ahd nailed to the side of the house (i
know...another uh oh sign). he came with this hammer and i,
have jokingly said, "that's all you came with? i think
you're going to need more than that to remove that board."
the seller's agent's fiance gave me the most venomous stare
i had ever seen in my life.

so he got down on his knees (he was obviously very
displeased with having been called out there) and began to
pry at the board. three pries later he almost smacked
himself in the face with the hammer as it BROKE OFF.

i stood bakc and away pretending i hadn't see what i had
predicted would happen. the seller's agent's fiance (who
still had no said a word to me, my agent, or the SE) got
into his truck slamming the door and sped off. we had no
idea if he was going to return.

so i stood there with the SE. i asked him all of the
questions i coudl thikn of. now. let me tell you
something, peole hate middle men, but i think taht is
unjustified. my dad can't undertand why i ahve a buyer's
agent. i will tell you now, it is wroth it (provided of
course he is a good agent). when you undertake smoething
this big, you get qualified people to help you. sure i'm my
own lawyer (despite the great advice of my attorney friend)
but i know that you rely on the experts.

i finally got down to the question that mattered, "should my
wife and i buy this house?" i asked the SE. he looked at me
and hemmed and hawed. he didn't wnat to say no. he thorugh
out all these variables, contingencies, unforeseeable
contingencies. his eyes told me to run. his eyes begged me
to run. i turned to my agent. he shook his head, and said,
in his thick german accent, "don't buy this house there are
too many variables."

the seller's agent's fiance pulled up in his truck with a
huge crow bar. i wasn't sure if he was going to beat me to
death with it or pry the board loose. i didn't want him to
try but our SE insisted. there was next to no foundation

fate was sealed. and here we are again with no home. what
a fucking taxing endeavor. it really is like falling in
love every time. but this time, it was like i was at the
altar and my best man received word that the girl i was
about to marry had strucutral defects taht would only worsen
over time. i had to get out.

and we did.

right now my brain can't thinks traight. there are so many
spelling and grammatical erros in this entry i don't even
care. but i jsut had to do a brain dump. this helps me.
even if it is horribly written and somewhat incoherent.

i need a fucking vacation. i need a fucking vacation so badly.