Your Secrets Are Safe With Me
2010-03-25 18:28:42 (UTC)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today, so far, has been good except for whenever Francise
got home. Instead of telling me what to do, she should
freakin ask! I hate it when she treats me like she's my
mom. She needs to save that for whenever her baby is born!
I'm not a practice doll, HELLO!

So me and Sue had our Thursdays devotions today. I won't
talk on and on about that because then that would be a lot
of typing, but all I want to say about that is that we were
learning about true Christians and people who call
themselves "Christians" but don't live their lives
accordingly. I kinda get that because I used to call myself
a Christian and not live my life accordingly but now I just
call myself a believer because I'm still trying to get to
the point where I CAN call myself a true Christian! In a
way I admire Christa's boyfriend for actually putting his
beliefs into his actions. The only thing that I can't
stand, is his extrememly rude judgements about people who
don't have the same beliefs that he does, or does things
that aren't so "Christian" or something that is said to be
bad in the bible.

-Sarah Danielle Torres!